Some of these pictures aren’t great. Please focus on the drinks themselves instead.
kiwi's nest grog
tunnel vision
mona lisa (oj, chartreuse verte, tonic)
pisco sour
garibaldi in the style of dante
garibaldi con tonico
basil gimlet
burrata water basil gimlet
the art of the choke (green chartreuse not pictured)
black manhattan
zombie from smuggler’s cove in the wrong glass
sfumato and coffee liqueur 50/50
industry sour
probably some amaro and ginger beer
lucien gaudin
pink squirrel (and masse's cake)
st. agrestis over ice
amarena spritz
artichoke hold
shore leave spritz
gentian fizz
clover club
jungle bird
rib tickler
tarocco spirtz, pre-prosecco
mezcal OF
a sother teague drink with mango, cilantro, jalapeño, and tequila
bermuda hundred
piña colada in the wrong glass
trinidad sour
cucumber margarita
just a regular thai iced tea
just a regular matcha latte
strawberry mojito
safe passage
pink lemon mojito (when trader joe's gives you pink lemons...)
negroni sbagliato
bramble with homemade crème de mûre
sleeping lotus
pineapple express
blood orange, cara cara orange, ruby red grapefruit, and campari (a take on the dante garibaldi)
clarified milk punch
unidentified fernet drink
don't remember (but you can see the ingredients)
angostura colada
frozen negroni
diamond spritz fizz
unidentified tiki drink
mezcal siesta
dark rum OF
great pretender