Dave Epstein.

I am a final-year PhD student at Berkeley AI Research advised by Alexei Efros. My research is in generative modeling, with a focus on scalable, algorithmically interpretable architectures and objectives. I'm currently working on emergent structure and control in large models.

In the past, I have been fortunate to collaborate with Taesung Park, Richard Zhang, and Eli Shechtman at Adobe, as well as with Ben Poole, Aleksander Holynski, Chen Sun, Jiajun Wu, and Cordelia Schmid at Google. I graduated in 2020 from Columbia with a BS in computer science, where I was lucky to be introduced to machine learning and advised by Carl Vondrick. My research has been supported by the PD Soros Fellowship.


  • Disentangled 3D Scene Generation with Layout Learning.
    Dave Epstein, Ben Poole, Ben Mildenhall, Alexei A. Efros, Aleksander Holynski.
    PaperProject page
    ICML 2024.
  • Diffusion Self-Guidance for Controllable Image Generation.
    Dave Epstein, Allan Jabri, Ben Poole, Alexei A. Efros, Aleksander Holynski.
    PaperProject page Talk Demo
    NeurIPS 2023.
  • BlobGAN: Spatially Disentangled Scene Representations. NEW!
    Dave Epstein, Taesung Park, Richard Zhang, Eli Shechtman, Alexei A. Efros.
    PaperProject page Talk Code Demo
    ECCV 2022.
  • Globetrotter: Unsupervised Multilingual Translation from Visual Alignment. NEW!
    Didac Suris, Dave Epstein, Carl Vondrick.
    PaperProject page
    CVPR 2022 (Oral).
  • Learning Temporal Dynamics from Cycles in Narrated Video.
    Dave Epstein, Jiajun Wu, Cordelia Schmid, Chen Sun.
    PaperProject Page Talk Blogpost
    ICCV 2021.
  • Learning Goals from Failure.
    Dave Epstein, Carl Vondrick.
    PaperProject pageTalk
    CVPR 2021.
  • Learning to Learn Words from Visual Scenes.
    Didac Suris*, Dave Epstein*, Heng Ji, Shih-Fu Chang, Carl Vondrick
    PaperProject pageTalk
    ECCV 2020.
  • Oops! Predicting Unintentional Action in Video.
    Dave Epstein, Boyuan Chen, Carl Vondrick.
    PaperProject PageTalk
    CVPR 2020.


At Columbia.
Advanced Computer Vision (Spring 2019).
Head Teaching Assistant.
Data Structures and Algorithms (Fall 2017 - Summer 2019).
Head Teaching Assistant.